Homebuilt Electric Paramotor – DIY Kit Project

I began my first electric paramotor project almost two years ago, and decided post this blog as reference for other people who build the similar project. This project is still under development:
At this time designing electric paramotor frame for DYI kit. Using this kit, you can easily assemble your frame and cage and setup your own electric motor along with controller and batteries.



New CNC Items added….



I’ll perform thrust/amp tests for electric paramotors soon for the following motors:

120100 25kwt 80kv motor with 36″ X 10 pitch and 36″ X 12 pitch props.
  -With Max throttle: 150A at 70Volts, static thrust 90 lbs

15470 35kwt 40kv motor with 46″ carbon fiber prop.-

All data will be posted on epowerhobby.com website.


E-Power Hobby – 120100 Outrunner brushless motor 80KV 25000W


120100 Outrunner brushless motor 50KV 25000W


Aluminum Paramotor Cage 90 degree round Tube Connectors (Qty: 4)
Connects 0.75″ round tube, tube wall: 1/16″


Need custom aluminum connectors? Please contact me




Electric Motor for paraglider
27KV 35000W, good for 38″ carbon prop,
Powered by 18S 22000mah Lipo batteries.




February 19, 2016

I have new items available in store for different projects: Electrical Motors, ESC, Batteries

I can supply different motors, with custom power and KV. Contact Form. >>>